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CT’s Summer Concert Season Brings Awareness to Milford Mosquito and Tick Control

Milford Mosquito Control

Everyone wants a worry-free, idyllic summer to enjoy, and this summer has all the pieces to be a great one! With warm weather and long days for the next several months, there is a lot to look forward to for residents throughout Connecticut. Outdoor events, in particular, are in high demand this time of year, whether in your backyard or at large venues. Concerts are also highly sought-after around this time, and there are many to look forward to in the Milford area, including the Ansonia Summer Concert Series, and other events like those held at Twin Brooks Park. With warm weather, lots of sunlight, and good company, what could go awry?

Milford tick control is exceedingly important

Unfortunately, living in the Northeast means there are quite a few things that you should be aware of when in the outdoors. There are many insects and other common creatures that are annoying but not harmful, yet there are others that are annoying and downright risky to encounter. Specifically, ticks and mosquitoes are the creatures in question. Sadly, both ticks and mosquitoes are extremely common in our region, and this is troubling for those who like to spend lots of time outside. These two creatures are almost entirely responsible for ruining outdoor events of all kinds, and they can also ruin your health. Despite their minuscule sizes, ticks and mosquitoes can be quite dangerous due to the diseases they often carry. For example, ticks are responsible for the spread of Lyme disease, which infects somewhere between 300,000 to 400,000 people every year. This is highly distressing for anyone who likes to spend time in nature because ticks are very sneaky and can easily attach themselves to you without you realizing. Mosquitoes are less likely to transmit diseases to you, but the risk remains. Outdoor events might as well be seen as a buffet for ticks and mosquitoes, so it is important to defend against these creatures.

Milford mosquito control also defends against ticks

Ticks and mosquitoes don’t belong near you, which is why we offer treatment options that have proven incredibly effective since 2005 when we were founded. Using our barrier protection spray, which works against both ticks and mosquitoes, we can guarantee a dramatic and pronounced reduction in the populations of these creatures on your property. Furthermore, we offer special event mosquito control treatments for big occasions. From weddings to birthday parties to family gatherings, our special event spray is a great way to defend your event against ticks and mosquitoes for its duration.

For powerful Milford mosquito and tick control, trust Mosquito Squad of New Haven & Fairfield County to defend you this season. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078.