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Lyme Disease


What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is caused by a variety of bacteria that can be carried by the black-legged tick, also known as the deer tick. You contract Lyme disease when the tick bites you, transmitting the bacteria. You are in most danger of being infected in this way if you are outdoors in high grassy areas where the ticks tend to thrive.

What Are the Symptoms of Lyme Disease?

The first symptom that can occur after a tick bite is a rash around the area of the bite. Someone with Lyme disease can also initially develops flu-like symptoms. If the Lyme infection if left untreated, you can develop rashes on other parts of your body, severe joint pain, and neurological problems.

How Mosquito Squad of Huntsville - Northern Alabama Can Help

The best way to protect yourself from Lyme disease is to prevent getting bitten by the ticks at all by eliminating them from outdoor areas that you happen to frequent, such as lawns and other places where the grass is high and the pests tend to reside. Mosquito Squad of Huntsville - Northern Alabama can get rid of the deer ticks on your property with their barrier treatment and with an innovative product called the tick tube.

First, we will treat your property with the barrier treatment that kills adult ticks upon contact. Then we place, in strategic locations around your property, tick tubes that consist of cotton soaked with an EPA-registered insecticide. Then mice, which are often fed upon by the ticks, gather the cotton and use it as bedding. In the process, they not only spread the insecticide around but also coat their fur with it, eliminating the ticks that latch onto them. The treatment will render your property almost completely free of ticks and other annoying pests, making it safe to venture onto without fear of getting bitten and contracting Lyme disease in the Huntsville area.

Be sure to contact Mosquito Squad of Huntsville - Northern Alabama at (256) 907-8493 for more information and all your tick control needs.

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