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Natural Mosquito Treatment Option

East Brunswick Natural Mosquito Treatment 

Types Natural Mosquito Yard Repellents That Work in New Jersey

Store-bought insect treatments can be inexpensive but have little effect on your current infestation and may harm your backyard foliage. Our natural mosquito control treatment eliminates up to 75% of mosquitoes and ticks at the source without harming grass, trees, bushes, and flowers. 

Our essential oil mosquito solution is:

  • Water-based – Water should always be one of the first ingredients in any organic treatment to avoid exacerbating health conditions and stunting the natural ecosystem. Our water-based treatment takes longer to evaporate than alcohol-based solutions, so you get protection longer. 
  • Non-toxic – Our natural treatment is completely non-toxic because it’s made from organic ingredients. You can trust us to keep flying pests from invading your outdoor space all year long. 
  • Non-synthetic – We don’t use any synthetic compounds in our natural treatment that could kill plants or wildlife and cause skin rashes and swelling. 
  • Aromatic with a pleasant scent – Most chemically enhanced mosquito and tick control treatments emit harsh fumes that are dangerous to inhale and touch. Our naturalbarrier solution leaves you with a pleasant smell that will become synonymous with Mosquito Squad. 
  • Pet and child-friendly – You want your tiniest family members to enjoy the great outdoors, but some mosquito treatments use toxins that require you to wait hours before enjoying your yard again. Our natural treatment allows your kids and pets to frolic around the yard 30 minutes after application. 

Our non-toxic treatment eliminates most mosquitoes and ticks in your backyard so you can hold family get-togethers, outdoor events, summer barbeques, or simply sit on your deck and enjoy the evening without fear of being bitten. The recipe we use is a mixture of water and potent essential oils, which gives you up to 21 days of mosquito and tick repelling power. 

Frequency and Cost of Natural Mosquito Treatments

We apply our natural mosquito control treatment according to EPA regulations so that you get the most out of this repellant option. The best part is that you can customize the frequency of your treatment and schedule an application at your leisure or trust us to return every 2-3 weeks to reapply. 

While our natural treatment is a bit more expensive than store-bought solutions, you won’t have to worry about retreating your yard every other day. We want you to get the most bang for your buck to defend your outdoor space against unwanted invaders.

See Our Mosquito Control Service Reviews

Our dedicated team of mosquito control specialists knows exactly where to look to identify pests and explain why your yard is so appealing. We take the time to communicate our findings, so you’re constantly in the loop. Once we’ve located the primary source of your mosquito or tick problem, we continue to perform a sweep of your entire property. Our commitment to you is why so many East Brunswick customers choose us. But don’t take our word for it. See what real customers have to say!

Natural Mosquito Treatment for East Brunswick & the Surrounding Areas

Are you tired of fighting off mosquitos and other blood-sucking pests in your yard? You may be tempted to head to your local store and purchase chemicals to reduce the problem. However, you don’t want to kill your plant life while you’re trying to make your space pest-free. 

Fortunately, Mosquito Squad of Central New Jersey is environmentally-conscious and offers customers in and around East Brunswick natural mosquito treatments that keep mosquitoes and ticks at bay. Our mosquito and tick control solutions eliminate unruly insects for up to 3 weeks and keep harmful toxins from killing your thriving plant life or causing allergic reactions.

It’s our mission to protect you from blood-sucking insects that could cause severe health conditions like Lyme disease, Zika virus, Malaria, West Nile Virus, and more. Not only that, but your domesticated animals are susceptible to life-threatening parasites and diseases. Allow our team to protect your entire family’s health and safety with our naturaltreatments. 

Our mosquito control experts are here to help! Contact usto learn about how we can help you take control of your backyard again!

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