Training Season Is Here!

The signs of spring in Cape Cod include temperatures rising, trees budding, and the Cape Cod Mosquito Squad technician crew starting their training for the upcoming season.

Pests are an inevitable part of summer in Massachusetts, but our technician crew is on the job to keep your outdoor space free of the irritants like ticks, mosquitoes, gypsy moths, fleas, and more.

Intensive Training

At Cape Cod Mosquito Squad, we pride ourself on ensuring that our team of technicians have the most up-to-date information about pesticide application. With that in mind, they undergo rigorous training, including three weeks of class culminating in a pesticide applicator licensing exam.

Once they’ve passed their exam, our crew heads into the field, where they’re taught best practices by our most seasoned professionals. These pros know the most efficient ways to rid your yard of seasonal pests, and they pass all of their know-how on to the next generation of technicians.

Spend Your Summer Pest-Free

Are you tired of having your backyard barbecues swarmed by mosquitoes? Do your pets suffer from irritating flea bites all summer long? Do you spend precious time carefully checking your children and pets (not to mention yourself) for ticks? Have your trees been damaged by gypsy moth infestations in the past?  Good news— our specially-trained technicians can help you take back your outdoor living space!

Thanks to the intensive training they undergo, Cape Cod Mosquito Squad’s technician crew will be ready to take on the pests that threaten to overtake your backyard. Don’t spend the summer indoors— contact us today by clicking on the link below or calling us at (508) 406-7974!

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