How To Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free

Posted by Mosquito Squad
How To Keep Your Home Mosquito-Free

August 18, 2020

What’s worse than being ‘eaten alive’ by mosquitoes in your backyard? Being eaten alive in your living room. Know that if temperatures or humidity get too high and you decide to move indoors, you can make sure mosquitoes don’t invite themselves in behind you. Here are our top tips for combating mosquitoes in your house.

Half the Battle Happens Outdoors

The most effective thing you can do to prevent mosquitoes inside is to prevent them from taking up space outside. Reducing the mosquito population in your yard is critical to ensuring they don’t become a roommate. Follow our 7 T’s of Mosquito Control for the best results.

  • Tip: Get rid of standing water in your outdoor spaces. Standing water may be in your child’s plastic toys, areas underneath downspouts, plant saucers, or dog bowls. Other areas may include traps, gutters, and flat roofs.
  • Toss: Remove excess grass, leaves, firewood, and grass-clippings from your yard.
  • Turn: Turn over larger yard items that could hold water, like children's portable sandboxes, plastic toys, or birdbaths.
  • Remove Tarps: If tarps stretched over firewood piles, boats, or sports equipment aren't taut, they may be holding water that you should remove.
  • Take Care: Take care of home maintenance needs that can lead to standing water. This includes cleaning out gutters, making sure downspouts are adequately attached, keeping your grass cut low, and check irrigation systems for leaks.
  • Team Up: Despite taking all precautions in your own home, talking to neighbors is a crucial component to mosquito and tick control. Homes with little space between lots can mean that mosquitoes breed at a neighbor’s house and affect your property.
  • Treat: Utilize a mosquito elimination barrier treatment around your home and yard.

Keep Entry Points in Tip Top Shape

Make sure your windows have screens and that they are all in good shape. If you have screens that are damaged with holes or splits, you don’t necessarily have to replace them. There are several products on the market and How-To videos on the internet that can help you patch holes or rips. Apply weatherstripping to door frames to ensure they are sealed tight. If you can see sunlight peeking through your door frame, bugs of all sorts have an entry point for your home.

Make Your Home Inviting for Humans, Unappealing for Mosquitoes

If you have an oil diffuser, burning essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and oil of lemon eucalyptus, their scents tend to keep mosquitoes at bay. However, it’s important to note that the FDA regulates aromatherapy products based on how they are intended to be used. When researching essential oils, refer to the FDA’s website for regulatory guidance. Also, if you generally prefer natural options, Mosquito Squad offers an natural treatment that eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact and then continues as a repellent for up to 14 days.

Feel like you’re losing the battle and need expert help? Contact your local Mosquito Squad today!