Gluten Free. Mosquito Free?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 19, 2011

I have to put this out there to see if there’s anyone else that’s finding the same phenomenon. You know that person you see at an outdoor party and they’re swatting and whapping and they have big red welts all over their body because they are somehow the only attractively tasting thing at the entire party? You shake your head and wonder how it is that one person could be such a target for all of the mosquitoes at the outdoor party.

I was that person. I couldn’t go out to start the car in the morning without getting 3 mosquito bites. I couldn’t go from the car to the grocery store without getting a couple of bites on the way in.

In October of last year I gave up gluten. My doctor theorized that it was very likely there was a wheat intolerance in my family so I gave up gluten to give it a try and see. Fast forward 6 months to now and I am not the mosquito magnet I used to be. It’s currently mid May and I have not received a bite yet this year. Now May isn’t exactly the biggest mosquito time of the year but they are out.

Is it possible that there was some connection to the gluten and mosquitoes? Now, I do have Mosquito Squad in my yard so I expect not to be bitten at home. They are already misting for this season. But, tomorrow night I am going to my daughter’s evening softball game in a park. Evening. Bushes and trees. Me. I will post back and let you know.