The Swarm of the 13-Year Cicada is a Rare Brood Indeed

Posted by Mosquito Squad

June 6, 2011

Here at Mosquito Squad our primary focus is to keep irritating and  dangerous insects out of your living space. These are insects such as mosquitoes and ticks which carry many diseases with their bite. Once in a while however, an insect is so interesting that we take a moment to reflect on it. This would be the case of the recent 13 year swarm of cicadas which have enveloped the southern and mid-western states of the US.

What is all the buzz about? The unusually loud mating call of the cicadas in recent weeks has left some homeowners going as far as to contact their local police departments to report “a disturbance in their woods”. These 13-year cicadas belong to what is called “periodical cicadas” there are also 17-year periodical cicadas as well. These swarms are a very rare event in nature.

The cicada itself is a harmless insect. They are not related to locusts, which is a common misconception. They do not sting or bite humans, and do not harbor any illness of disease. The red-eyed cicadas contain an extremely high amount of protein. In some cuisine the cicada is considered a delicacy, some people even freeze the cicadas and give them to their dogs as dog treats.

Within the next few weeks, an end will come to all the clamor of the 13-year cicadas. They will begin to perish in the forests and woods, having completed the mission they were destined to finish, which is mate and lay eggs that will lay dormant in the soil for the next 13 years only to emerge in the year 2024. Their bodies will decompose and produce nitrogen which will fertilize the soil – the circle of life continues once again.

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