Stink Bugs Are Back, What Can You Do?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

October 4, 2013

I have to be honest and admit that the only times I dealt with stink bugs was when I was travelling, but that is no longer the case. My husband and I recently moved and earlier this week, I was minding my own business when a bug dive-bombed onto the couch next to me. Since then, I’ve encountered a few more. In my neighborhood newsletter, they warned us that they will be out in full force and I’m ready!

As temperatures drop, stink bugs move indoors for a place to hibernate for the winter months. You may have stink bugs and not even know it. Our Mosquito Squad of Montgomery County location was recently at a clients’ home who was having a deck replaced. When the deck builder removed just a few pieces of siding from house, they found HUNDREDS of stink bugs underneath. Under siding is one of stink bugs favorite places to hide.

So what do you do if you have seen or suspect you have stink bugs? Here are a few tips.

With most bugs, it is many of our first inclination to smash them. Do not smash stink bugs. There is a reason that stink bugs have that name, they smell! When the pest is disturbed, they emit an odor as a protective measure. When smashed, that odor can linger longer because it is left on the walls, carpets, furniture, etc.

If you have live stink bugs in your home, there are two good ways to get rid of them. The first is to vacuum them up. They key to using the vacuum is that you need to use a vacuum with a bag. The bag is important because it provides a way for you to seal it up and remove it and you can get rid of the smell. A bagless vacuum will smell after the presence of stink bugs.

The second way to get rid of stink bugs, is to flush them. Stink bugs are generally slow moving pests and aren’t difficult to grab, but don’t grab them directly. Use a tissue or some toilet paper and grab the bug. Then simply flush it, bye bye stink bug.

Many of our clients notice stink bugs outside before they make their way indoors and the best way to combat them is to get rid of them before they hibernate in your home. Treatment in a necessary step in many areas of the country to fight a stink bug infestation. At Mosquito Squad, we mist the areas of the home were you have seen active pests and the areas that make the perfect entryways for them. Trust me, the before and after will be night and day.

If you have questions on stink bug control, please reach out to your local Mosquito Squad office.