Send Bugs Where They Belong! To the Ritz!

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Send Bugs Where They Belong! To the Ritz!

February 3, 2022

Have you ever noticed whimsical little houses tucked into gardens and yards? There’s always a lot of activity, with bees and other insects thrumming around the structure’s hidey holes. These Bug Hotels or Insect Houses are creations that provide shelter or refuge for different kinds of insects. Pollinators like bees and butterflies, parasitic insects like wasps and cuckoo bees, and woodland litter insects like woodlice and millipedes, have all been known to call these hotels “home.”

Bug Hotels are fashioned out of materials like logs, bark, reeds and bamboo and are often designed to look like small houses or cabins. Each hotel features compartments or different sized holes that are used as entryways to attract various species of bug. Ideally, these bug units should be erected close to plants and a water source to ensure that its tenants live and thrive.

There are many benefits to using bug hotels in your yard. These houses stimulate biodiversity and ecological balance in the garden, and provide much needed housing for displaced bugs, like bees, that have lost their natural habitats. More bees mean more pollination! Insect Houses attract the “good” bugs, which will eat the “bad” ones, so you don’t have to rely as heavily on pesticides. Plus, some bugs make great food sources for local birds.

As a bonus, many Bug Hotels are also pleasing to the eye, the natural materials blending seamlessly with the environment. This spring bring balance AND pizzazz to your backyard. Welcome your newest, multi-legged neighbors to their new home.

To create your own insect house, check out HGTV’s “How to Build a Bug Hotel.”

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