Get Flies To Buzz Off

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Get Flies To Buzz Off

October 12, 2020

There are over 16,000 species of flies throughout the world, but we can guarantee that none of them are more annoying than the one that is buzzing around your home. The one buzzing around your home is most likely the housefly (Musca domestica), which is the most common species of fly found on farms, in stables, and imposing themselves on human activities.

Aside from being a nuisance, the housefly can also cause trouble as a potential transporter of disease-carrying organisms. The flies pick up these organisms by lurking around trash, sewage, animal feces, and other sources of filth and decay. These organisms can then be transferred via their contaminated body parts or feces onto human and animal food, potentially resulting in diarrheal diseases, and skin and eye infections.

It’s not uncommon or concerning if a housefly enters your home through an open window or a hole in your screen. However, if you find that they’re continually buzzing around, it’s time to assess what may be attracting them. Houseflies typically make indoor homes in environments where:

  • Garbage is left uncovered
  • Manure or pet feces is on the property
  • Recycling bins contain sticky cans and bottles
  • Rotting fruits are left in the fruit bowl on the counter
  • Spilled pet food remains around the bowl or in the pantry
  • Counters are not properly cleaned, leaving a sticky residue
  • Leftovers are not properly stored away covered, and in the refrigerator

By identifying and correcting sources that appeal to flies, you can prevent them from making themselves uninvited guests in your home. Once you’ve ensured your kitchen, bathroom, and yard is spick and span, fly traps, fly zappers, and citronella torches can aid in your fight against flies.

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