Don’t Overlook These Bugs That Camouflage Themselves

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Don’t Overlook These Bugs That Camouflage Themselves

October 24, 2022

Whether you consider it to be spooky season, hunting season, or both, fall is the time of year when wearing a disguise seems to be half the fun of the season. But while some of us enjoy taking on a new form by dressing up, there are families of bugs that do this naturally throughout the year.

Read on to learn about creepy crawly shapeshifters that are masters of disguise!

Leaf Insects

Trying to ward off amphibians, reptiles, birds, and bats, leaf insects have evolved their body and appendages to look like leaves on bushes and trees! Their leaf-like designs can vary by color, ranging from bright spring green to yellows and oranges of fall, and the patterns on their bodies include veins and cracks just like real leaves have.

In addition to their appearance, leaf insects flex their theatrical skills as they will shake and sway to mimic how leaves move in the wind.

Caddisfly Larvae

As terrestrial adults, caddisflies resemble moths or leaf hoppers. As aquatic larvae, however, these insects are some of the craftiest water bugs in nature! During their larval stage, caddisflies can be found living under rocks in fast-moving streams. Their body allows them to drift easily in moving streams, but it also makes them an easy target for predators like fish and other aquatic invertebrates.

To avoid getting eaten, caddisfly larvae use detritus, leaf litter, sand, and other stream debris to form a case around themselves. This case not only blends them into their environments, but it also provides an additional layer of protection.

Orchid Mantis

While many insects camouflage for protection, the orchid mantis disguises itself to hide the fact that they are the predator. Native to rainforests in southeast Asia, the orchid mantis looks like an ornate, beautiful piece of nature. Resembling an orchid flower petal, the mantis lays and waits for the perfect moment to strike and feast on pollinators that land on the orchid in search of nectar.

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