What Attracts Mosquitoes To People?

Posted by Mosquito Squad
What Attracts Mosquitoes To People?

July 14, 2020

Does it seem like you are a magnet for mosquitoes? If an outdoor event leaves you feeling like the main course for these blood-sucking pests, while your friends and family are seemingly untouched, you probably aren’t imagining it. Read on to learn about a few factors that could make you extra appealing to mosquitoes.

Dark Clothing

Mosquitoes have bad eyesight and can find your silhouette easier if you are wearing dark clothing.

Blood Type (Type O)

People with Type O blood are twice as attractive to mosquitoes as people with other blood types.

Perfume and Scented Lotions

Mosquitoes are attracted to fruity and floral scented perfumes, deodorants, soaps, and lotions.

Body Temperature

Mosquitoes can also pick up on thermal radiation. If you have a higher body temperature than others around you, mosquitoes will find you faster.

Carbon Dioxide Output

Mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of carbon dioxide and can smell it from over 200 feet away. This makes people who are exercising more attractive to them.

Mosquitoes might be targeting you in the great outdoors, but we can help make sure you’re off-limits in your own yard. Contact your local Mosquito Squad today!