Why Male Mosquitoes Don't Bite

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Why Male Mosquitoes Don't Bite

February 3, 2022

Every mosquito, regardless of gender, starts as an egg and grows to adulthood. It is adulthood that changes the role and purpose of each mosquito depending on its gender.

There is a vast difference between males and females in the mosquito world, from size to flight speed, to even their feeding needs. You read that correctly: even their feeding needs are different.

The Differences Between Male & Female Mosquitoes

Often, we may think that all mosquitoes look the same, but there are tangible differences between male and female mosquitoes. Our view of mosquitoes could be due to the fact that we often only interact with female mosquitoes; on top of that, male mosquitoes are a lot smaller than females.

Even lifespan is different between them. Once a male mosquito has emerged from the water, his life is gone in a heartbeat. With the life expectancy of 7 to 10 days, the male mosquito is on a mission to find a mate as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, female mosquitoes can live for six to eight weeks under the right conditions, laying eggs roughly every three days.

To help find a mate quickly, the antennas of male mosquitoes give them the ability to hear the wing speed of a female, which is twice the speed of a male.

Male Mosquitoes’ Feeding Habits

Now onto the big question on everyone’s mind: do male mosquitoes bite people? With relief, we can tell you no. Can you imagine how life would be if all mosquitoes fed on our blood supply? The reason that only female mosquitoes need blood is to help develop mosquito eggs. As a result, male mosquitoes do not possess a stinger within their proboscis, which would allow them to extract blood from the host. The male proboscis (mouth) is made to remove food from flowers and drink water. With the inability to feed on blood, male mosquitoes cannot transmit mosquito-borne illnesses.

In the world of mosquitoes, males and females alike use their time efficiently to eat, breed, and fulfill their purpose. Next time a mosquito bites you, know that it’s a female doing what any mother would do to nurture her child. However, the same applies to you doing what must be done to protect yourself and the ones you love from mosquito bites by calling Mosquito Squad today!

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