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Did the Nazis Really Try to Weaponize Mosquitoes?

4 world war 2 fighter planes in formation against the sky

With all that transpired during World War II, can you imagine if the war had included biological warfare? Well, it is believed that the Nazis did imagine it, though thankfully to no avail. During World War II, a Nazi scientist at the Dachau concentration camp decided to use mosquitoes as weapons to kill off their enemies. The scientist had an idea to release the infected mosquitoes, via airplanes, onto the public discretely—which could have led to the elimination of many.

Why the Nazis Attempted to Weaponize Malaria

Mosquitoes have been carriers for many parasites for centuries and have caused devastation in the lives of millions. Mosquitoes have been classified as the deadliest animals on earth, killing nearly 725,000 people a year, an estimation provided by Bill Gates. During World War II, the health conditions of concentration camps were the perfect breeding ground for any disease to thrive due to small unsanitary living quarters, which allowed viruses and bacteria to thrive.

Malaria, a common mosquito-borne illness, is carried by a parasite called Plasmodium that finds its home in the bloodstream of the host and then makes its way to the liver of the host. This is where the parasite begins to multiply and take over red blood cells. Signs of infections are very similar to the flu: fever, shivering, headache and muscle ache, leading to brain damage, severe anemia, and kidney failure. This is one of the main reasons why the Nazis believed that this biological weapon had the ability to eliminate their enemies silently and discretely. So why didn’t it work? They had the mosquitoes, planes, scientist, parasites, and the people.

What Happened?

Unfortunately for the Nazis, the living conditions for the mosquitoes to breed outside of the laboratory were not ideal. Mosquitoes thrive in still water and warm weather in order for their eggs to hatch. The weather in Germany was anything but warm. In fact, the weather in Germany destroyed the idea of this biological weapon before it took flight. Also, there was no hardcore evidence that supported the idea of weaponized mosquitoes, due to documents being destroyed at the end of the war.

Thankfully, the Nazi’s plan for weaponized mosquitoes was foiled. But that doesn’t mean mosquitoes aren’t a nuisance in your backyard. So, call Mosquito Squad today for a free estimate to guard your yard.