Mosquito Squad's Fight the Bite Report

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 17, 2016

Earlier this year, Mosquito Squad commissioned TNS Global, a leader in market research, to survey American homeowners on their mosquito and tick control practices. With the recent news of Zika and Lyme disease continuing to spread, we were surprised at how little Americans are doing to protect themselves. Here are some of the findings:

Did you modify your plans or time outside last year due to mosquito activity?

  • 23% yes
  • 77% no
    Women were twice as likely to modify plans due to mosquito activity – 31% of women changed plans vs. only 15% of men

Do you plan to modify your time outside this year due to mosquito activity?

  • 26% yes
  • 74% no

How do you protect your family from mosquitoes in your own yard?(pick all that apply)

  • 27% walk my yard regularly to remove items that can harbor mosquitoes
  • 48% remove standing water in the yard
  • 36% turn over any toys or items containing water
  • 27% make sure my gutters are clean44% keep my yard neat and throw away lawn debris
  • 25% ensure all covers and tarps are pulled tightly and don’t pool water
  • 49% use bug repellent when outside
  • 12% I don’t take any precautions

How likely are you to use a mosquito control service this year?

  • 7 % Very likely
  • 17% Somewhat likely
  • 74% Not likely

How has news of the Zika virus changed your views on mosquito control in your own yard?

  • 34% I’ll use mosquito repellent
  • 17% I will implement DIY solutions for my yard
  • 6% I will use a professional mosquito control service
  • 16% I will limit my time outside
  • 46% I don’t plan to do anything different

Do you know anyone with a disease transmitted by a tick such as Lyme disease?

  • 16% Yes
  • 84% No

Geographic Distribution – “yes”
31% Northeast
16% South
14% Midwest
10% West

How do you protect your family from tick bites? (pick all that apply) adjusted for parts of the country where ticks are prevalent

  • 41% wear long pants, long sleeve shirts when out in the yard
  • 29% protect my dog with tick treatments
  • 39% avoid wooded areas with high grass and leaf litter
  • 28 % walk in the center of trails when in wooded areas
  • 34% use repellents containing 20% to 30% DEET or products with permethrin
  • 31% I don’t take any special precautions

How do you protect your dog from tick bites? Dog owners only (pick all that apply)

  • 65% brush and check my dog regularly to look for ticks
  • 70% use a topical treatment from the vet or a collar
  • 28% limit the time my dog is outside
  • 24% I don’t take any special precautions