Don't Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Special Day

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Don't Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Special Day

May 2, 2012

Last year I married my fantastic husband in South Carolina. I’m glad it didn’t end up like this:

Bug Bite on BridePeople spend thousands of dollars to celebrate their big day, but unfortunately mosquito control is often overlooked in planning. Knowing that South Carolina can have some bugs, I made sure that our wedding ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner venues were protected against mosquitoes as they all had outdoor spaces, but I found out the hard way the location of our pictures was not. Right after the ceremony, our wedding party, my husband and I went to a beautiful road to take pictures underneath 100+ year old oak trees. Not five minutes in, I had a huge mosquito bite on the back of my arm (and I got a few more throughout the posing process). Needless to say, we took pictures pretty quickly to get out of there. As annoyed as I was to have a few itchy bites, I was thrilled that our guests didn’t have that problem.

Mosquitoes can do a lot of damage for something so small and on a day you want everything to be flawless, you don’t want to worry about them. Mosquito Squad’s special events treatment was created to make your outdoor events as perfect as you’ve always imagined. Our applicators come out prior to your event to keep the unwanted guests from crashing your big day. Visit us at online to find out more information about our mosquito control services.