Showing our Appreciation

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Showing our Appreciation

February 3, 2022

The last couple months have led to many of us feeling unmoored. As we struggle to find a “new” normal, we’ve continued about our daily lives, attempting to stay connected, while living apart. However, amid turmoil, we’ve seen a rise in those giving back to their communities.

We are proud that many Mosquito Squad businesses have stepped up, offering their services to local neighborhoods. Mary Anna and David Lewis, longtime owners of Mosquito Squad The Lowcountry, SC, are showing their appreciation to community teachers, first responders, doctors and admin by offering complimentary Natural or Traditional formula barrier treatment. This is Mary Anna and David’s way of saying thank you to the people working tirelessly on the front line.

Additionally, Mosquito Squad owners around the country are offering free commercial sprays to hospitals, collecting games and activities for school-aged children who otherwise would only have access to these supplies at school, delivering free food to hospital workers and donating large tips to locally-owned restaurants.

Acts of kindness are catching. Showing appreciation, even in small ways, helps to build the morale of communities all over world.

Thank you to all health care providers, first responders and essential service providers for their sacrifice and resilience.