Posted by Mosquito Squad

July 16, 2009

Each day millions of people take to the outdoors to work, relax, or anything in between. And in most all parts of the world wait a variety of mosquito species eager to bite. A common solution to enjoying the outdoors without the nuisance of mosquitoes or ticks, are repellants containing DEET. This chemical confuses the insect so they are unable to “find” you. Products such as OFF design their repellants around this chemical. Check out this related article about why DEET might not be as great as we all think:

There's a safer and more effective solution!

“In various studies, the negative health effects of DEET have proven to be very alarming. When used as intended, topically, on a prolonged basis, brain cell death was found in rats in a study performed at Duke University. The resulting report suggested that the public should be cautioned about the risks and DEET insect repellents should be used sparingly for children.”

“The insect repellent industry has always known that DEET has some downside. Of course, this information has never really been conveyed to consumers. The reason there has never been more of a commotion is the risk was considered worth taking compared to the risk associated with diseases carried by various insects. Simply put, DEET was the lesser of two evils.”

Well why take the lesser of two evils when you can opt for an effective and safe solution to your mosquito and tick problem. Look into the barrier treatment treatments that Mosquito Squad offers. It sure beats running the risk of using other toxic treatments!