Posted by Mosquito Squad

July 22, 2009

I saw an article in The Examiner recently about the recent increase in mosquitoes in the Washington DC metro area. Their population has grown exponentially during this year’s unseasonably cool, soggy spring, much to local citizens’ dismay.

“It was the worst early season in 20 or more years,” said Mike Cantwell, chief of the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s mosquito control division. In April, rainfall reached 4.22 inches, almost double the normal rate of 2.77 inches. In May, the rain had more than doubled the normal rate with 8.05 inches (the normal rate being 3.82).

The increase in mosquitoes has lead to a raised awareness about West Nile Virus. In fact, three mosquito pools in the area have already tested positive for the virus. West Nile has become a threat throughout the US, with the ability to cause fever, fatigue, and, in extreme cases, seizures and paralysis.

Mosquitoes aren’t the only blood-suckers to profit from the weather. Ticks, which can carry Lyme disease, have been expanding in population as well. The tick season lasts all summer, and peaks in June.

In this sort of extreme weather, it’s best to use an effective system, such as Mosquito Squad, to take care of your pest problem. Once you’re protected from these pests, you can relax and enjoy your summer the way you’ve always wanted to.