Diet & Cookbook Used to Treat Chronic Lyme

Posted by Mosquito Squad

February 3, 2022

I love reading the stories of men and women who, when put in a difficult situation, not only make the best of it, but try to help others. Such is the case of Laura Piazza. Laura Piazza, a professional photographer, was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She began researching and learning about the illness when she came across the idea of the Lyme Inflammation Diet as developed by Dr. Kenneth Singleton. From there, her mother and she joined forces to create Recipes for Repair, a cookbook that aims to help men and women with chronic Lyme disease.

The Lyme Inflammation Diet® aims to decrease inflammation that often occurs with Lyme through choosing and eating nutritious foods. It is made up of four phases where different foods are introduced back into the system. When Laura started the diet she asked her mother, Gail, for help creating healthy, yet delicious meals that followed Dr. Singleton’s plan. A home economics consultant and recipe developer, Gail created filling and yummy meals that made her daughter feel better. “By eliminating foods that I’m sensitive to, I’ve seen some symptoms get better and others go away completely,” says Laura “While no diet can cure a chronic illness, it can certainly help by bringing down the inflammation levels in your body.” Source.

She and Laura then decided to take it to the next step and create a cookbook to help those suffering from Lyme disease. Laura and Gail worked alongside Dr. Singleton and his wife to create Recipes for Repair: A Lyme Disease Cookbook.

I first learned of this cookbook through a book review that sparked my interest (you know how we are always learning about tick-borne diseases at Mosquito Squad). I’ll be honest and didn’t think I would find anything I liked in the 8 free recipes they offer on their website, but I was wrong. Everything looks delicious and not that difficult or time-consuming to make (if it takes over an hour, I’m not making it). And the reviews are great! Here are just a few things people are saying:

“My FAVORITE cookbook which has helped me change my diet and feel better!”

“This book is informative and easy to process. The recipes look and taste delicious. These are meals you are able to serve to your entire family and they wouldn’t know they were on any type of diet!”

“I noticed after just a week that I felt better. And now, my GI problems have subsided, I don’t itch intensely all over and my joint pain has decreased so much.”

You can read more about Recipes for Repair and its authors on their website at