Current Natural Disasters Spawn New Surge of Mosquitoes in Many Parts of the Country

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 27, 2011

Recently, a series of most unfortunate natural disasters have plagued the central and southern United States. From the flooding of the Mississippi across several states, to the devastating tornadoes that raged across the Midwest and the south. These natural disasters leave many without homes along with severe economic losses, and in the worst cases without their loved ones.

In many counties across this great land of ours, hope is at an all time low. Researchers predict the trickle down effect from these great disasters will spawn a vast population of mosquitoes. From the receding flood waters, areas with standing water will stagnate and become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

Many officials throughout the areas beaten and battered by the recent tornadoes have already began misting the storm debris for mosquitoes and other bugs. Mosquitoes throughout the devastation are breeding in the rubble and debris and also in the ditches which are holding water.

As with any natural disaster occurrence, it can get the whole ecosystem in that area out of sync, it is the whole cause and effect scenario. It is very unfortunate that these residents in these areas already plagued with lost crops, home and lives, now have to be plagued by mosquitoes and the mosquito-borne illness and disease they harbor.  In many counties officials are making every effort to ensure this doesn’t happen. It will take time to recover from these horrible events, but in time we will heal.