Combat the West Nile Virus Using Mosquito Misting Systems at Home

Posted by Mosquito Squad

September 18, 2013

According to, mosquito pools collected from the Fenway neighborhood tested positive for the dreaded West Nile virus. Other neighborhoods in Boston where mosquito pools tested positive include West Roxbury, Hyde Park, and Roslindale. Thankfully, there have been no cases of mosquito-related diseases reported from these areas, at least so far. In light of these results, the city government encourages its citizens to take extra precautions, both indoors and outdoors, as local mosquito control programs work towards eliminating the threat.

Some of these precautions involve installing mosquito misting systems at residential homes. Mosquito Squad has an effective misting system that will eradicate the annoying insects before they can strike. There is no vaccine or medical procedure that can be used to treat West Nile virus, aside from taking preemptive measures against getting mosquito bites. The virus is carried by various species of mosquitoes, like Culex Pipiens, Aedes Vexans, and the infamous “Asian Tiger” mosquito, which is also known to carry dengue virus.

Aside from hiring pest control professionals and choosing mosquito misting system installation, people that live in neighborhoods that tested positive for West Nile virus are advised to use mosquito screens on all of their windows and doors. They are also advised to visit their doctor as soon as possible if they suspect they are infected. People who contract the virus will normally experience headaches, body aches, skin rashes, and fevers, although these symptoms will usually subside over time. The disease can still be fatal if the virus has the chance to reach the brain, which will result in encephalitis and meningitis.

The Smithsonian Institute identified several factors that seem to increase the likelihood of attracting mosquitoes, such as exercising, wearing dark clothing, and drinking beer. The first and the last factors make a lot of sense since these activities increase a person’s body heat and lactic acid content. Those are two things that female mosquitoes look for when prowling for suitable hosts. Keeping this in mind, the Boston Public Health Commission also recommended making simple lifestyle changes to minimize the risk of mosquito bites. You can wear bug repellent, long, dark clothing, and limit your time outdoor during periods when the mosquitoes are more prevalent.

Misting systems are certainly the best option for mosquito control, since they can regularly mask a large area with pesticides that will completely deny mosquitoes access to your property. Other anti-mosquito strategies include placing larvicides in sources of stagnant water, which was exactly what was used by the Suffolk County Mosquito Control Project.

Although Boston has yet to record an instance of someone contracting the West Nile virus in 2013, people are still advised to remain vigilant. Thankfully pest control services, like Mosquito Squad, are more than willing to help everyone neutralize the presence of mosquitoes in their neighborhood. If everyone in Boston acts fast, these pests can be eliminated before someone actually contracts the virus.