Meet Emma the Entomologist

Posted by Mosquito Squad
Meet Emma the Entomologist

August 15, 2022

Emma Grace CrumbleyWe are thrilled to introduce Emma Grace Crumbley, also known as, “Emma the Entomologist” as part of our Mosquito Squad team. Keep an eye out on our social channels where you’ll find Emma sharing buzzy tips on all things related to mosquitoes, ticks and more pesky pests that call your backyard home.

In the meantime, let’s get to know “Emma the Entomologist.” There are often two types of entomologists you might meet: individuals who have had an innate love of insects from a very young age, and individuals who stumble into the profession and discover their love of entomology a little later in life…Emma was the former. She has always loved being outdoors and learning, especially about BUGS.

A few facts about Emma:

  • Go Dawgs - Emma is a University of Georgia trained entomologist. She is passionate about insect education, scientific communication, and public, urban, and environmental health awareness. During her time at UGA, she earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in Applied Biotechnology and Entomology and served as the President of the Undergraduate Entomology Club. In addition, she was also the Head Zookeeper at the UGA Insect Zoo.
  • Lights, Camera, Action - Emma once graced the theatrical stage with her experience in the arts.
  • All the Buzz - Emma strives to educate the public, regardless of age or scientific background, about insects to ease the fear and stigma many have against bugs and to provide people with entomological knowledge to better improve their lives.

Through her role at Mosquito Squad, she will use her expertise to educate customers and make the topic of bugs engaging through her personality as “Emma the Entomologist” that will be featured on blog content, social media interactions, a compelling video series and more. She will also be responsible for continuing to research the growth, nutrition, behavior and how insects interact with plants, humans, and animals. Stay tuned!

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