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Mosquito Squad Dread Skeeter’s Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Christmas 2016

As much as he hates those disgusting, disease-bearing varmints, even Dread Skeeter from Mosquito Squad has a heart, especially during this joyous season.

When interviewed in his Richmond, Virginia, home at Outdoor Living Brands, Dread shared with us some of the fun and practical gifts he like this Christmas.

1. Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Shooter Yellow

This Bug-A-Salt new stronger version pest gun uses ordinary table salt to kill flies and bugs. Each shot uses just one pinch of ordinary table salt to drop a bug whole, leaving no nasty mess to clean up. One load is good for 80 shots, and a salt viewing window shows load level. This unit features a cocking pump slide handle and requires no batteries. Simply release the auto safety and a pop-up sight indicates “ready to fire.” Accuracy range: 3ft. Dimensions: 21in.L x 7in.W x 3in.H. For ages 18+. Buy it here at Cabela’s for $34.99.

2. Anatomy of A Mosquito (Entomology) Round Clock

No need to be an entomologist to enjoy any of these entomological attitude biology gifts featuring detailed “Anatomy Of A Mosquito”, with labels of all key anatomical parts. Make others do a double-take during mosquito season with an informative scientific diagram of everyone’s most unwanted insect! No need to have been bitten by a mosquito to enjoy! Buy it here at Zazzle for $27.85.

3. Backyard Safari Field Scope

Backyard Safari Field Scope by Poof-Slinky, Inc.. Recommended for ages 4 years and up. Considered a best toy for 4 year olds. Rated a top toy for 5 year olds. Zoom in on your favorite bug! Imaginative Play. Outdoor Toys. Science & Nature. Buy it here at Cabela’s for $14.99.

4. New Instant Mesh Screen Door Magic Magnetic Hands-Free Bug Mosquito Fly Out

Easily opens and then closes itself securely using 18 powerful magnets. No need to worry about full hands, children, or pets leaving the door open. Keeps fresh air in whole providing an impenetrable barrier to bugs. Sets up in seconds with no tools required, and fold up for easy storage. The magnetic mesh hands fee door includes two panels 19 – 1/2" wide by 83" tall.
Instantly opens, and securely closes. Includes 18 powerful magnets. Easy walk through. Installs in seconds, no tools required. Aligns magnets, attach adhesive stripes, and affix to door frame. Buy it here at Jet.Com For $12.99.

5. Arteriors Mosquito Small Bench

Reminiscent of the graceful silhouette of a mosquito’s leg, this ottoman works well in a bathroom, around a center table in a gallery hall, in front of a fireplace or just about anywhere. Natural iron legs with natural linen seat. Buy it here at for $660.00. Click here for specifications.

6. Mosquito (Culex pipiens)

Who wouldn’t love to hate this plush toy who is just itching to come over and play. She can be there by dusk. Great gag gift for nature enthusiasts. Good reminder to bring insect repellent. Crafted from all new materials. Stuffed with polyester fiber fill. Surface washable: sponge with water & soap, air dry. Buy it here at for $9.95.

7. Parachute Hammock with Mosquito Net

In vibrant wine and teal this hammock includes a built-in protective mosquito netting with a zipper for quick access. Dian Rahmawati presents this lightweight hammock sewn of the finest quality breathable nylon parachute silk. The hammock features a pouch that can hold a drink or store the hammock all rolled up when not in use. Includes nautical ropes and stainless steel hooks which can be stored in the same pouch. Buy it here at for $99.99.

8. Protect Yourself Mosquito Proof Your Home Greeting Card

Do we really need to say anything else? Buy it here at Zazzle for $3.70.

9. Live Pitcher Plant Terrarium

Live, healthy adult sized Pitcher Plant with a 4.5″ diameter terrarium. Will have at least two pitchers on it, ready to gobble a mosquito! Called S. purpurea, its leaves create a ‘pitcher’ shaped ‘pitfall trap’ with pointy hairs pointing downwards, so unlucky varmints who enter can’t get out. Then they drown in the liquid at the bottom of the pitcher, where they are digested. Pitchers stay under eight inches tall so are excellent for terrariums. Comes with an easy care sheet and set up for beginners. Growing to this size from seed takes two years, so this is a best seller compared to kits that come with seeds. Terrariums come an assortment of bright colors. Buy it here at Nature Gift Store for $14.95.

10. “Life Is Like A Mosquito” Gift Box

Display your favorite images on the lid of this two-inch square fanciful keepsake box. Made of wood and secured with a magnetized lid this box is perfect to store jewelry or other precious knick-knacks. Buy it here at Zazzle for $22.30.

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