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August 26, 2016: West Side of New York Gets Zika Smart and Ready

“The city has unveiled a snazzy new website that goes through the prevention measures that officials are taking to prevent an outbreak of Zika. It’s got some important neighborhood-level information.

“The kinds of mosquitoes that can spread Zika are called Aedes aegypti. Those are not known to live in New York. But a cousin, called Aedes albopictus, does live in the city and could potentially become a transmitter of Zika, so health officials have been tracking their whereabouts. The city has put out traps to catch mosquitoes and examine whether they’re part of the potentially problematic species.

“A map that goes along with the city’s presentation shows how many mosquitoes were captured in local traps per week this year. On the UWS, one cluster of traps shows 2 mosquitoes were caught per week, and the other shows 0.3 were caught. That’s far below other areas of the city, such as the Lower East Side, where an average of 16 were caught. None of the mosquitoes caught in the city so far have tested positive for Zika. Another local trap showed that an average of 5 Culex pipiens and/or Culex restuans mosquitoes were caught per week — those can carry West Nile Virus.

“The site also shows where the city has sprayed to kill mosquitoes, and where they have issued notices of violation for leaving standing water. None of those have been issued on the UWS. To report standing water, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, fill out the form here.

“See the whole site here. And be aware that you can also get Zika from sex.”

Source: West Side Rag

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