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Is the End of Malaria in Sight?

If you know Mosquito Squad, you know our commitment to ending malaria. We understand that while out mosquito control services protect our clients from the annoyance of mosquitoes in the U.S., these tiny pests are much more than annoying in other parts of the world, mainly Africa. There, mosquitoes are life threatening, transmitting malaria to children and families, killing millions each year. Nearly five years ago, The Squad joined the fight by partnering with Malaria No More, a non-profit with the focus of fighting this deadly mosquito-borne disease until it’s gone.

The question is: are we nearly there?

Martin Edlund, CEO of Malaria No More, recently published an article entitled The Beginning of the End of Malaria. In the article he explains the important position of where we are now in the battle and the strides that we’ve made in the last 15 years.

Mosquitoes are still the deadliest animal on the planet, but that isn’t to say we haven’t made an impact. With increased research, education, testing and treatment, malaria deaths have decreased by 60% since 2000. 60%! That’s great news, but it isn’t a time to scale back on any of these important efforts.

Bill Gates has been very vocal about his commitment to fight this fight. He and Ray Chambers of the UN published From Aspiration to Action, a detailed 25-year plan to eradicate malaria. In the introduction they state:

“Today, we have an opportunity to achieve something that was once thought impossible: we can end malaria forever. Malaria eradication will not rely on the 20th-century model of a large-scale global campaign funded and organized by foreign donors and focused on a single intervention. This document calls for us to change the way we think about the fight against malaria – through new strategies, new tools and new financing.” (Source: From Aspiration to Action.)

Both the article and report are poignant and explain the interesting point we are at. The end of malaria is achievable and in sight. It’s time to re-focus efforts and continue to fight. We’re almost there.

If you want to help fight malaria, you can. Donate today at As little as a $1 is enough to pay for a test and treatment to save a life.

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