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Blog | November 2012

12 Sprays of Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Wreaths are being hung, presents are being wrapped and kids are anxiously awaiting a certain man in a red suit. I love the holiday season. My family does a big gift exchange where we pick someone’s name out of a hat to buy for every year. It’s our big thing. 98% of the time I think it’s a blast. The other 2% of the time represents when I pick my aunt Linda out of the hat. You see, she’s that person who is impossible to buy for. She has everything she wants and doesn’t really need anything.

To relieve people like me of the stress of gift giving for certain friends and family members, Mosquito Squad is offering the 12 Sprays of Christmas. It is a great gift option for anyone who wants to spend time in their outdoor areas without mosquitoes. The 12 Sprays of Christmas is a gift certificate for a Mosquito Squad season package. Twelve mosquito control sprays.

I would love to be given the gift of a mosquito-free 2013 (are you reading mom?)!

If a season long package isn’t in the budget, Mosquito Squad has gift certificates for any number of sprays or for a specific dollar value. If you are interested in purchasing a tick or mosquito control gift certificate for someone, contact the Mosquito Squad office in the area where the spray will take place.

Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control barrier spray kills mosquitoes and ticks on contact and protects the treated area for up to 21 days after a spray. The spray itself is applied to the places where mosquitoes like to feed and harbor, primarily on or under vegetation. Additionally, our trained technicians will look for standing water where mosquitoes lay and hatch eggs and treat them if needed.

Anyone else have some great ideas for the difficult person to buy for?

Mosquito Squad Attends the Malaria No More International Honors

At Mosquito Squad, we provide our customers with effective mosquito control, but we also believe it’s important to educate and fight against dangerous vector-borne diseases. Our desire to help led us to our partnership with Malaria No More, a non-profit organization whose mission is to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.

Last week, Malaria No More had their 2012 International Honors dinner in New York City. We were fortunate enough to be involved too! Three members of our support team and one of our franchisees, Patrick McKennon, who provides mosquito control in Nashville, were invited to help honor one of MNM founders, Peter Chernin.

Emceed by Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers, the night honored Chernin for his efforts and contributions in the fight against malaria. Malaria is both a preventable and treatable disease that is rampant in parts of Africa. A child dies every minute due to the mosquito transmitted illness. MNM raises money to stop the spread of malaria by giving bed nets for families. They also have teams on the ground in Africa delivering treatment at clinics.

As Chernin explains: “Ending deaths from malaria represents an unprecedented opportunity to effect global change. The world has made a tremendous impact in just six years, reducing malaria deaths by one-third in Africa by driving funding, attention and education needed to stamp out this disease.”

A highlight of the trip was seeing Mosquito Squad of Nashville’s Patrick McKennon present a check to the organization for $11,000. The Mosquito Squad – Malaria No More relationship is one that he takes incredibly seriously and he was able to raise the money through contributions from his clients as well as personal funds. We at the corporate office are so happy and proud to see his commitment to Malaria No More.

In addition to Chernin and Meyers speaking at the event, NBC Smash star Katharine McPhee recounted her trip to Africa with Malaria No More and what it meant to her.

If you are interested in helping fight malaria, visit to donate.

East Stroudsburg University Selling Tick Testing Kit

Vector-borne diseases, like Lyme disease and West Nile, have been on the rise in recent years. When it comes to tick bites, we at Mosquito Squad suggest people remove ticks promptly and place them in a plastic bag in case it needs to be tested. East Stroudsburg University (ESU) in Pennsylvania is taking it one step further and selling tick testing kits that people can get before a tick bite happens. Once bitten, the kit tells you how to remove the tick properly and offers to test the tick for you.

The testing kit, called Lyme-Aid, is now being sold online at It sells for $5.99 and includes a tick remover, alcohol wipes, specimen bag and forms and preaddressed envelope to the ESU testing center. An additional fee of $39.95 is due for testing.

ESU researchers see this as a win-win for both the general public and East Stroudsburg University. Lyme disease is often misdiagnosed and sometimes the bacterium stays in the body for months before the patient displays any symptoms. With Lyme-Aid, a person can send a tick in for testing before any symptoms may present themselves. If the test comes back positive, the patient can decide whether or not to seek treatment from their doctor.

The benefit for ESU is not only to help the general public with efficient testing, but also with research. By receiving samples directly from the field, ESU can effectively study the spread of Lyme disease through testing deer ticks. They hope to get tick tests from across the country to gain more knowledge.

Melissa Shaw, co-founder of Lyme-Aid explains that it’s “main purpose is to educate the community about the disease. It was developed with the collaboration of about 20 students over a two-year period.” Source.

2012 brought a rise in the number of ticks this spring and an increase in the number of confirmed Lyme disease cases. This year was the first time that I, my husband and my dog all had ticks on us at one time or another and we don’t even spend time in places where ticks harbor. At Mosquito Squad, we offer tick control through barrier sprays and tick tubes, but it doesn’t mean that you will never get a tick bite, especially if you spend time outdoors at athletic events, hiking and more. Lyme-Aid kits would be great to have handy just in case you find a tick on you. It’s a step towards being more proactive about Lyme.

Hurricanes and Mosquitoes

This week, our thoughts and prayers are with those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

With the amount of rain that the storm dropped on a large part of the country, we have been receiving questions regarding hurricanes and if they can result in more mosquitoes. In general, more water means more mosquitoes, but November’s normal temperatures aren’t conducive to mosquito reproduction. While there are some areas that may be somewhat impacted, Sandy shouldn’t result in an influx of mosquitoes in the Northeast.

Temperature plays a big factor in mosquito reproduction. While mosquitoes can breed in cooler temperatures, their magic weather forecast is 80 degrees with 80% humidity. Fewer will breed when it is cooler outside, and when the temperatures are 60% or less for an extended period of time, mosquitoes don’t typically breed.

Much like they force me to sit in front of the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, freezing temperatures result in fewer mosquitoes.

Right now, some mosquitoes may lay eggs in the flooded areas of the country, and just because the water may leave, doesn’t mean the eggs will. Mosquito eggs are resilient. While eggs that are laid in water may hatch in a few days, eggs can lay dormant for years in soil or if frozen. When the temperatures rise again and the soil is flooded, those eggs will hatch just as those laid in the summer do.

While we don’t believe Hurricane Sandy will result in a spike of mosquitoes next year, it doesn’t hurt to get rid of the standing water on your property if you can. Tip or Turnover items that may be holding water like birdbaths, dog dishes, etc., toss out lawn debris like leaves that can hold keep a small amount or water, and tighten tarps so they don’t pool.

If you have any issues with an increase of mosquitoes, contact your local Mosquito Squad for an effective mosquito control treatment.

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