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German Lamp Kills Mosquitoes, then Uses them for Power?!

I can’t help but share this. I came across this article about a project that’s unique to say the least.

We’ve all heard many ways to keep mosquitoes away, or flat out kill them, but a German lamp is taking the cake for being the most original. A project named “Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots” is up for an award at a Berlin arts and culture festival this month. The piece kills mosquitoes and then uses their bodies to fuel the lamp. It’s bug zapper on steroids!

Mosquitoes are attracted to the lamp’s light bulb through his perforated shade. The holes allow the bugs to enter the lamp where the bulb zaps them dead just like many of the zappers we’re familiar with. It’s what the lamp does with the body that takes it one step further. When the bugs are killed, they fall to the base of the lamp, where the bodies are reused as fuel to power the lamp.

It’s pretty cool to think that the a lamp can sustain itself through killing bugs, but for me, I’m not sure I would want to see all that happening in front of me. Does anyone else find this seriously intriguing but slighting gross at the same time? One thing is certain though: it sure would be a conversation piece.

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