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Mosquito Squad Introduces an Natural Insect Repellant

Posted by Mosquito Squad

May 18, 2011

Mosquito Squad has a new weapon against insect control in its arsenal, and the natural ingredient is commonly used to delight our senses when used in food, and is said to ward off those imaginary vampires as well! That’s right, this natural application consists of garlic.

Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic is a member of the onion family. Garlic has been used throughout history for culinary and medical uses. Garlic’s roots can be traced all the way back to the construction of the  Giza pyramids, and garlic was even mentioned in the Bible. The use of garlic in come cultures carry heavy religious and spiritual perceptions. They are many benefits attributed to the use of garlic, especially in the field of medicine.

Garlic is also known to be a wonderfully effective insect repellent .The use of sprays such as the one that we now offer, literally repel and become confused by the smell of this solution. Fortunately, humans have a less sensitive nose than that of an insect and the mild odor our noses can detect dissipates within an hour or two after application.

This natural garlic mist is ideal for those who are looking to avoid all synthetics and harmful chemicals. The new naturalmist is ideal for parents with small children because there is no risk of contamination or illness associated like those sprays which contain harmful and harsh chemicals sold over the counter.

Since the mist is natural and does not contain micro-encapsulation used in other sprays for time release it breaks down more quickly in the environment and needs to applied every 14 days. Our traditional solution is applied every 21 days. If you are interested in learning more about our new naturalapplications, or any of the other great services we offer, give Mosquito Squad a call to find out more about becoming insect free this season.