Ticks in Massachusetts: When to Keep an Eye Out

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

Winter is finally arriving and there are lots of holiday events to look forward to! What better way to combat the dark and cold? Don't relax too much though. While we venture through this holiday season, nasty insects lie waiting for us when spring returns. Normally, we don't often think of these critters during December, mainly because most of the insects and other pests we deal with in summer either die or vanish into their winter homes. However, some pests are more robust than others. If you reside in the Northeast, you're familiar with the insects we're referring to. This time of year, we don't need to worry about ticks as much as we would during the summer, but it is best to stay prepared for their re-emergence in the coming months.

While you face little risk of encountering a tick during the winter, it never hurts to stay aware of situations where you might find one. Ticks can function and survive at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Thankfully, we meet that frigid requirement here, but not all the time. To survive the chill, ticks are often found in the tunnel networks of mice and other small animals. So, one way to keep clear of ticks is to avoid the rodents that allow them to hitchhike around. Believe it or not, you can still take the fight to ticks even after they have entered their winter shelters. How? With tick tubes from Mosquito Squad.

Spring is when ticks in Massachusetts return, but you can fight them now

Tick tubes are a unique solution, consisting of cylinders filled with cotton balls that contain our tick control treatment. When wintertime hits, mice and other small rodents will gather everything they can to shelter their tunnels against the cold. Since cotton balls are better than anything mice would normally find in the environment, these supplies make ideal insulating materials. After picking up our treated cotton balls, the rodent's fur will be treated as well, which spells doom for the ticks that parasitize mice during the winter. Ticks may be managed in this way even after they have disappeared from view!

At Mosquito Squad, we’ve worked for nearly 20 years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and the various diseases they can carry. With the help of our tick control treatments and our highly trained technicians, we can guarantee a significant reduction in the tick population on your property.

Winter means ticks in Massachusetts are hiding. With innovative treatment options from Mosquito Squad of Springfield, you can take the fight to ticks this season and beyond. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359!