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Tick Apocalypse or Not, Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts Has You Covered

Southeastern Massachusetts residents are no strangers to the post 90’s tick boom and resulting Lyme disease threat. Recently declared an epidemic throughout much of the state, Lyme disease has become a part of everyday life for a good portion of each year. While 2017 has been predicted to be a very risky Lyme disease season, dubbed by some as an impending “tick apocalypse,” we’d like to urge you to be vigilant every year.

Tick control in Fall River Massachusetts is best when it is consistent and constant. At Mosquito Squad of Fall River, we provide intensive tick treatment geared towards long-term, season-long, year after year reduction of ticks on your property. Our tick barrier treatment eliminates adult ticks on contact. With twice a year tick tube installation, we go after nymph ticks for long-term control. Some clients find themselves quite confused by the news when words like “tick apocalypse” are used, as the fruits of their tick control commitment are evidenced by a lack of ticks at home.

Can Mosquito Squad’s Tick Treatment Make That Big of a Difference?

The answer is, Yes, absolutely! As noted in last week’s Boston Globe story about the one sure thing about ticks, there is a large scope of variables that affect the deer ticks ability to thrive. Sam Telford of Tufts University has been studying deer ticks for decades, and he says “every year I’ve been wrong” in regards to the early season question about how bad the ticks will be this year.

He goes on to say that there are just too many variables affecting the tick population. He points out that a dry spring after a February onslaught of ticks could mean a relatively light spring tick season. He also adds that variations in hyperlocal environments can mean one property has an onslaught of ticks while the neighboring property is tick free.

Fall River Tick Control Every Year

Tufts does, however, qualify his remarks to add that no matter what “We are a state where Lyme exists everywhere,…” saying that the fluctuation from year to year is irrelevant to the fact that there will be too many cases of tick-borne disease regardless. Lyme disease is not alone in its threat from ticks to humans, Borrelia burgdorferi, Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis, Borrelia Miyamotoi, Babesiosis, and Powassan all pose a significant threat, and it only takes one tick bite to wreak havoc on a person’s health.

Tick control and tick safety precautions should be taken each and every year no matter the prediction.

As the season approaches, you can learn more about the disease within your local tick population at We also urge you to send ticks to should you remove one from yourself or your pet. They will test the tick to provide important information for diagnosis should you become ill.

Regardless of the extremes of the tick season and the potential increased risk for Lyme, Mosquito Squad of Fall River is here to help. We will work all season, year after year to help you be the tick-free property that provides peace of mind for an enjoyable outdoor living! Call today for a free quote.