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Spring Tick Tips For Fewer Tick Problems All Season

It is warming up, even if it seems to be happening slowly. As Spring slowly hatches we remind you that ticks will be hatching quickly. reminds us that nymph ticks start to emerge in mid-May, but that adults will surface as early as mid-March which means they are already out there. They suggest you plan your first tick control treatment the minute the snow has melted and the ground is no longer frozen. Here’s a list of suggestions for protecting yourself from ticks and getting your yard ready for spring and summer all at the same time.

  • Treat First: with the recent erratic weather we’ve had, you may have limbs and piles of leaves or brush that have collected in ditches and corners. And under that, the ticks could already be awake and ready to attach. Get rid of the existing ones before they have that chance by having your yard professionally treated with tick control before you start to clean up.
  • Habitat elimination: once you’ve killed the ticks that might be out there, be sure to clear out the places ticks like to hide. Rake up the leaves that have pushed to the edge of the yard, trim back the overgrown bushes, clear out any brush piles, rid your yard of as many areas that could stay shady and wet. Ticks thrive in those areas.
  • Dress properly and treat your clothes: Spray repellent on your clothes when you go out to work. Tuck your pants in your socks and your shirt in your pants. Keeping the ticks on the outside of your clothes makes you less likely to bring them in the house.
  • Do a full tick check when done: Start at your feet and work your way up. Check crevices like between toes, underarms, and the groin area. Check at hairlines and in hair. If you have long or thick hair you might consider getting someone else to check as well. Also, put your clothes in a hot dryer for about 10 minutes to kill any ticks you might have brought in.
  • Treat your pets: There are different types of flea and tick prevention out there. We suggest you consult your vet for the one best for your pet. But whatever kind you plan to use, get started NOW!

This is just the beginning of getting ready to enjoy the warmer months. The early preparations make keeping your pets and family protected easier. At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, we want to help start the process for you with that first barrier treatment and carry it out with you all season long. Our tick tube systems and scheduled tick control treatments will make it so you can enjoy the entire season outside… tick free. We look forward to your call. 

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