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Forget the Hanging Baskets: Give Your Mom Pest-Free Outdoor Living This Mother’s Day

Do you have an annual spring tradition of giving your mom her spring annual hanging baskets for Mother’s Day? Her favorite purple petunias for a full summer of beauty and enjoyment? While hanging baskets and spring flowers are a great way to brighten your Mother’s spring there will certainly come a time, and soon, where she might be enjoying only the sites and not the lovely scents of her flowers as she stays inside to avoid the mosquitoes & ticks that invade her yard for the summer. If your mother loves to garden and loves outdoor entertaining, mosquito control & tick control from Mosquito Squad of Fall River or Mosquito Squad of the South Shore will be the best gift ever.

The Mother’s Day Gift That Gives All Summer Long

Sticking with your goal of giving your mother a gift that she will enjoy for the entire summer, professional mosquito control and tick control for the season will certainly do the trick. Our traditional barrier treatment will eliminate 85-90% of ticks and mosquitoes on contact, continuing to work for up to 21 days. If you gift a season of pest-free outdoor living to the Mother in your life, we’ll come back every 2-3 weeks to keep the ticks and mosquitoes away for the summer.

Pest-Free Gardening

Flowers, vegetables, and herbs require great love and care. If the Mother in your life is an avid or novice gardener, she will certainly enjoy and be more successful at gardening without mosquitoes buzzing around nipping at her as she works. With service from Mosquito Squad, she won’t even have to use the stinky treatment each time she heads out to water her plants or pull a few weeds.

Annoyance Free Outdoor Entertaining

Does the Mother in your life enjoy a glass of wine with friends on the deck or patio? Or maybe a cold beer with the neighbors during a backyard summer barbecue? Give the gift of annoyance free entertaining for the whole summer with Mosquito Squad’s traditional barrier treatment. Your “hostess with the mostest” can entertain her besties, the neighbors or throw a large party without having to hand out the cans of DEET as people enter the yard.

Peace of Mind

If the Mother in your life is a Mother-to-Be, peace of mind and a healthy future is the best gift you can give her. With the threat of Zika Virus, which can lead to fetal abnormalities, the pregnant Mother in your life will be able to enjoy her yard with less stress and fear to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle with a lower risk of infection. Ticks & mosquitoes both carry dangerous diseases; every Mother can benefit from knowing her loved ones can enjoy her yard with a lower risk of transmitting a hazardous illness.

When it comes to Mother’s Day, thinking outside of the box for a gift that will improve the quality of life for the Mother in your life can lead to a Mother’s Day gift she’ll never forget. Call Mosquito Squad of Fall River or Mosquito Squad of the South Shore. Sign your Mom up today to give your Mom a mosquito-free Mother’s Day!

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