Open for Business: Newburyport Mosquito and Tick Control

Posted by Mosquito Squad

July 18, 2015

In a recent poll of over 7,000 customers, clients ranked mosquito and tick control a top concern. Would you want to leave your beloved pet at a doggie day care that was infested with mosquitoes or ticks? Of course not! Closer to home, what about our children’s day or after-school program facility? Are pests welcome there? What about when you wait for your tires to get rotated at the local mechanic here in Newburyport or throughout the North Shore? Do you want to also worry about contracting West Nile Virus (WNV) from rampant mosquitoes while you wait?

The list can go on and on: restaurants, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, parks, public beaches, and more are all spaces where we expect proactive safety measures to be in place. We take steps to ensure that our home landscape is mosquito and tick free. To expect it from our favorite places of business, should be, expected.

If you are, for example, a daycare facility, whether for people or pets, imagine the peace of mind you will offer clients, and potential clients, when they know that you take the extra steps needed to offer reliable mosquito and tick control. Do you own an eatery or hotel along the shore? Did you know that ticks use cat tails as questing points? Having a misting system which eliminates these little predators from your property increases the comfort level and peace of mind of your guests. This extra step in client care can add to your word-of-mouth referrals and customer return rate.

Guaranteed, as a business owner, you will love our work.  We are a small family business and proudly stand behind all our products. Our trained professionals provide businesses with multiple, affordable treatment options, including special event sprays; traditional, seasonal barrier treatment protection, an naturalbarrier treatment,; an all-natural, mint-based barrier treatment, or our permanently installed misting systems. Whatever your specific needs, we can help you work out a solution for mosquito and tick control!

Our traditional barrier treatment eliminates 85% – 90% of mosquitoes and adult ticks from your commercial landscape. Commercial customers are thrilled with in our EPA-registered barrier treatment, which is water resistant and lasts for up to three weeks. We take protection to the very edge of your property, not just around your business perimeter. This thoroughness is yet another way Mosquito Squad of the North Shore differentiates ourselves from our competitors.  Our naturaloption, provides businesses with

Our misting systems, which we maintain and refill for you, remove an astounding 90% – 95% of all adult ticks and mosquitoes on your property. The remote, programmable timer feature on our misting systems makes this ideal for businesses. As an added safety feature, the system can be set to dispense the product either in the early morning or after hours.

You are open for business and, in Newburyport, mosquito and tick control extends to keeping our commercial spaces pest and disease free. To learn more about Mosquito Squad of the North Shore, or to schedule your free consultation for your either your home or place of business throughout the entire North Shore region, you can contact us today .