The Impending Massachusetts Tick Apocalypse Gains National Attention in Leading Women’s Magazine

In Massachusetts, we are used to talking about and hearing about the predicted upcoming tick season each year. While forecasters use winter weather patterns and deer and mice populations to make their predictions, the fact remains that ticks are aplenty each season and Lyme disease continues to be a threat.


This year, there have been some especially bold predictions about an impending tick boom due to last year’s boom in mice populations. It has not been often tick and Lyme news has gained national attention. Thanks to a Massachusetts news station who dubbed it the “tick apocalypse,” the popular magazine Self has included a tick story in their national magazine.

We applaud the effort for widespread public awareness about ticks, tick safety, and especially the dangers of tick diseases, as the CDC maps continue to show the spread of Lyme disease each year. It could have spared many Massachusetts residents pain and agony had they known more about Lyme before it became the huge problem that it has become.


Self includes in their story a general synopsis of the six most common tick-borne diseases. The information shared is invaluable to readers who could easily mistake flu-like symptoms for other illnesses. They cover the basics about the following diseases which could spread quickly if the tick apocalypse turns out to be an accurate prediction. 

While Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-borne disease in Central Massachusetts, we feel strongly that awareness of all the possibilities is vital for quick diagnosis and recovery. In the meantime, give yourself an extra line of defense with Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts’ intensive tick treatment for up to 90% reduction of ticks on your property. Call today for a free quote or to sign up for season-long tick treatment.