Don’t Forget The Most Important Necessity for 4th of July Fun

How are you celebrating Independence Day this year? Will you be watching fireworks over Gloucester on July 3rd? Or maybe you’ll be at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, enjoying live music and children’s activities before the firework display on the 4th.

July 4th is really the pinnacle of summer, isn’t it? It’s certainly the best excuse to spend all day outside, whether it’s in a very competitive corn hole marathon or just some friendly volleyball on the beach. And we can’t forget the FOOD! Clambakes and BBQs will be happening around every corner with buckets of homemade ice cream and miles of watermelon.


Whatever you are planning, don’t be forced indoors by creepy crawly biting bugs. Nothing is worse than planning a great neighborhood party just to spend the day watching your guests swatting mosquitoes. Creating memories is all about laughter and fun but if all they remember is how itchy they spent the next few days, your friends might just skip your next event.

We have the preeminent remedy for a pest-free July 4th: our Special Event Spray. Mosquito Squad of the North Shore can eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes and ticks before your guests arrive and it will last long past the last boom of the fireworks. Our mosquito barrier treatment, which includes extra protection against biting and stinging insects, is laid down 24-48 hours before your event, leaves no odor or residue, and is dry within 30 minutes.


Don’t wait, the 4th of July is here. Our schedule is filling up fast and you have lots of planning to do. While you are marinating chicken, pattying burgers, and shopping for everything red, white, and blue that you can find, let us handle the stress of making your backyard or bug-free bug free. Call Mosquito Squad of the North Shore today.