Why Mosquito Squad Thinks Long-Term

Here at Mosquito Squad of Lexington we believe strongly in working locally while thinking globally. This is important when you consider how they go hand in hand. For there to be a change worldwide, we must first start with ourselves and our community.

Mosquitoes reproduce at such a rapid rate it is extremely hard to stay in front of them, let alone stay on top of them. We take pride in providing comfort for our fellow Kentuckians and their outdoors. Every family we can protect we can make a larger impact on fighting the bite not only in our neighborhood, but on our planet.

When we treat with our 100% satisfaction guarantee barrier, we aim to take a chunk out of the entire Central Kentucky mosquito and tick population as a whole.

If we don’t start today with fighting the non-stop breeding of annoying mosquitoes, they will be even worse for our future generations. BUT, if we can stop the infestation of the deadliest animal on planet, maybe we can move towards a day where they’re no longer a threat.

Join us by calling or waving down one of our trained technicians today.