Run with your Squad

Run with your Squad

At the Mosquito Squad of Lexington, we now have five technicians who are operating with the number of quality audited and customer reviewed treatments and the diversity of urban and rural residential outdoor spaces, commercial properties and variety of farms that we believe is necessary for our technicians to be called experienced.  In a pinch, we could call on two additional employees that have more experience than anyone in our great state of Kentucky.

This is only possible because of our customers.  Our customers tell us they have tried companies with less experience and they choose to run with the squad because of our experience.  We are excited about the opportunity to extend that experience to so many counties in Kentucky that are struggling with extreme weather conditions and unpredictable mosquito pressure.

More of our customers are upgrading to our platinum level of service because they want our experienced technicians in their spaces more often to address changing foliage, shade and water sources throughout the season. Our customers know if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time.

Some of the reasons to run with our squad of experienced technicians:

  • We leverage combined experience ( Two heads are better than one )
  • We have fresh legs ( This strength is already being mentioned in Five Star Customer Reviews )
  • We have capacity for climate chaos ( Rain, Flooding, Humidity, Heat domes, Weather extremes )
  • We are leveraging experience from surrounding territories ( The inventors of this industry are continuously improving )
  • We have implemented Production Quality Improvements specifically for our local territories in 2021

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