Lyme Disease in South Carolina; Should You be Concerned This Fall?

mosquito on skin

In the southern United States, the brisk fall weather has finally started to manifest. However, not all of the remnants of summer have vanished. Ticks are among the insects that are still active at this time of year. Ticks are one of the most concerning insects in the United States, as you may know, and they are very common in our area. Ticks are genuine parasites, needing the blood of other creatures to survive. Ticks are sly creatures with a talent for avoiding discovery, making them challenging to find when they choose to attach to us.

Yes, just like any other animal, humans are a prime target for ticks. Therefore, we must exercise caution. Why? Ticks can spread harmful infections like Lyme disease, which experts believe affects between 300,000 and 400,000 individuals in the United States every year, due to their indiscriminate eating habits. The fact that people can contract the disease even in the fall when we are least aware makes this statistic all the more worrisome. Although Lyme disease is fortunately not particularly widespread in the south, you should still be cautious of these creatures. We are susceptible to Lyme disease even now because ticks frequently seek out a final blood meal before entering their winter hiding places. But where does Lyme disease originate from?

Origins of Lyme disease in South Carolina

Ticks don't carry Lyme disease at birth. Small rodents, birds, and deer are passive Lyme disease reservoirs, and ticks pick up this bacterial infection when they feed on these animals. This raises the issue of possible strategies for slowing the spread of Lyme disease. There are various ways to answer this issue, but the gist is that the greatest strategy to lower the prevalence of Lyme disease is to actively target ticks. By specifically focusing on ticks, you lessen the possibility that they may regard your yard as a haven. So, who can you turn to for effective tick control this fall, as well as the spring and summer after that?

Who will defend you from Lyme disease in South Carolina?

At Mosquito Squad, we've been working for almost 20 years to provide our consumers in the Southeast with effective tick management services. The tick population on your property will be significantly and noticeably reduced thanks to our tick barrier protection treatments and the talents of our highly trained technicians. Given the risk of contracting Lyme disease, it's critical to protect yourself from ticks and the other diseases they can spread. Don't jeopardize your health this fall or in the upcoming spring and summer months!

There are many approaches to tick control, but the best is by targeting the ticks themselves with powerful tick control from Mosquito Squad of Greenville. Give us a call at (864) 362-2013.