What exactly is the Spring Equinox?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

It’s finally time. At long last, the winter is no more and we can feel hope once again as the temperature rises and the Sun is still in the sky as we make our way home from work. Spring has finally sprung! With the Spring Equinox happening on March 20th of this year, we can start thinking about how we will enjoy the upcoming season, plan our gardens, and get excited about our well-deserved vacations. So get your crystals ready to charge and dust off those gardening gloves, it’s the Spring Equinox baby!




For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox happens every year around March 20th (give or take a day or so). In space terms, the vernal equinox is when the Sun passes directly over our equator due to Earth’s orbit and tilt on its axis. This means that the Earth will receive nearly equal amounts of day and night with folks living at the equator having almost exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Think of the beauty sleep you could get! Once the equinox passes, our little rock floating through space continues its orbit around our giant star getting more and more daylight with each passing day. So why is this important? This moment signifies the astronomical beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere which means we can start thinking of planting our gardens and getting ready for consistently warmer weather.




With the warmer weather approaching, it’s time to open the windows and air out the house or maybe go for a long walk; either way, it’s time to get some fresh air. A lot of folks take this time to start their yearly spring cleaning ritual of both indoor and outdoor spaces. As a company that deals with outdoor pests, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting a jump on ensuring your outdoor space is clean and organized. So let’s blast the Taylor Swift albums to get us pumped for her tour, check our gardening gloves for spiders, and get to work!


There are a lot of places in our yards that can be great breeding grounds for those awful mosquitos and ticks to latch onto. We’ve been safe all winter long as the frost has kept these creatures at bay, but now that the warmer temperatures are approaching, they will creep and crawl out of their slumber and pester you once more. Like that last bit of leaves that fell in November but you didn’t get to because of the weather? Perfect for all sorts of pests to hang out in. Let’s quickly get rid of those leaves to eliminate one more place for the ticks and mosquitos to hide and breed. I know we always recommend keeping your grass cut short, but this early in the season it’s important to allow the grass to grow strong roots and stretch its little blades out so your lawn can maintain its healthy and luscious green throughout the summer. But how are you supposed to let your grass grow while maintaining defenses against mosquitos and ticks? That’s what Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids is all about.




Depending on moisture levels throughout the winter, our season of treatments can start anywhere between early April and mid-May. The highly trained technicians here at Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids are monitoring the weather and seasons diligently to determine when the best time to start our treatments will be for our customers. Our priority is to provide you with proactive protection against mosquitos and ticks throughout the season and that is exactly what we’ll do. However, if you feel like getting a jump on that dual defense, we also have you covered. We offer an early season special where we’ll treat your property a little bit before the season starts. This is particularly helpful for yards that have major mosquito problems with nearby bodies of water like creeks or ponds.


Whether you decide to start your treatments early or go with our regular season-long treatments, either way, you will receive expert mosquito control with our Traditional Barrier Treatment. Our highly trained technicians create a barrier around your property with our EPA-registered formula that is guaranteed to help protect against 85-90% of mosquitos. With repeated applications of this barrier, you’ll be free to say good riddance to ticks and mosquitos while you tend to your garden and enjoy your outdoor space.


With your crystals charged and your garden seeded, it’s time to start thinking of protecting your yard from pests. For peace of mind, call Mosquito Squad of Grand Rapids today to talk to one of our representatives to schedule your first mosquito barrier treatment.


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