Winter Preparations to Protect Your Yard From a Booming Mosquito Season

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Winter is drawing ever closer, so mosquitoes are probably farthest from your mind. The cooler temperatures mean the lack of bites and itchy spots for days. At least, that's what most of us think. Prepare your yard for warm weather and the return of mosquito season with mosquito control now, including yard preparations and preventative measures.

Why is Mosquito Control So Important for Mosquito Season?

It may seem like a small matter, but mosquitoes are known worldwide as the most dangerous animals on the planet. They can quickly spread diseases to animals and people alike. Two more prevalent mosquito-borne illnesses around El Paso include the St. Louis Encephalitis (SLE) virus and West Nile virus (WNV). With both of these viruses, most infected do not experience any symptoms. Those who show signs often suffer from a fever, headache, and nausea or are often diagnosed with a seasonal illness or mild flu. This makes it difficult to get accurate numbers of infections. Local mosquito trapping helps notify the public of potentially dangerous areas, providing a guide for what diseases are appearing.

Winterizing Your Yard to Prepare For Mosquito Season

Though it is a good idea to consider mosquito control all year long, preparing for the next mosquito season is a very important step. Not only will you reduce the risk of dangerous diseases, but you will be able to keep female mosquitoes from overwintering in your home or on your property. When mosquitoes overwinter or hibernate, they enter a dormant state that allows them to survive for months without food. Some species will also lay eggs late in the summer or fall that will survive the colder winters before hatching in the spring.

By practicing mosquito control around your property, you can help keep your yard protected from these pests. Taking steps to reduce stagnant water around your property is imperative, as is removing access to areas for mosquitoes to shelter. You can prepare for mosquito season by using Mosquito Squad's 7 T's of Mosquito Control as a guide. These helpful tips will help reduce the population of mosquitoes around your property.

The 7 T's of Mosquito Control

  1. Toss everything that has collected water over.
  2. Toss away yard waste like grass clippings.
  3. Turn over large, unused objects like bird baths or kiddie pools.
  4. Remove Tarps that are sagging or secure them tightly.
  5. Take Care of home maintenance, including keeping your gutters clear, ensuring your downspouts are attached, and inspecting your sprinkler system for leaks.
  6. Team Up with your neighbors. Mosquitoes can easily travel from a neighbor's home to yours.
  7. Treat your yard with a mosquito barrier treatment.

The Keys to Mosquito Control in El Paso

Mosquito on a left When you practice mosquito control around your El Paso property, you can help to decrease the population in the area, reducing the chances of your friends and family getting bit. As an added benefit, you can help reduce pet exposure to heartworms. To help defend your family and property from mosquitoes, refer to the seventh point of the 7 T's of Mosquito Control. That is where Mosquito Squad of El Paso can assist you!

With Mosquito Squad's Traditional Mosquito Barrier Treatment, you get the finest backyard barrier treatment. This EPA-registered treatment will protect your property for 21 days, creating a barrier around your yard that reduce the population by up to 90%. To streamline the process, you can enroll in our reoccurring service plan to retreat your property every 21 days, providing uninterrupted protection. Gone are the days of spraying bug repellant or lighting citronella candles when you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Are you ready to prepare for mosquito season? Start your preventative mosquito control this winter to ensure that you start the spring out right with the help of Mosquito Squad of El Paso. Contact us online or call us today at (915) 800-0343 to get started with a free quote for your winter mosquito control.

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