Dread Skeeter Vows To "Fight the Bite" in Midlands

More than 80 eye witnesses report seeing Dread Skeeter, mascot for Mosquito Squad of Columbia, at this week’s Historic Columbia Foundation’s Gardening Symposium.  Considered a super hero by many who despise mosquitoes, fleas, biting insects and the misery they spread, Dread has dedicated his life to the eradication of mosquitoes, ticks and other disease-carrying pests with his mosquito repellent barrier sprays and misting systems.  Many symposium attendees shared their stories of biting insect infestations with Dread, who promised to meet with each one of them individually to determine the best strategy to help them “Fight the Bite”.

When asked what motivates him to do this work, Dread stated “My life’s mission is to kill mosquitoes and ticks. I don’t kill because I hate. I kill because I love.   I love kids. I love pets.  And I know that mosquitoes and ticks carry diseases that hurt kids and pets (and adults too).”

Dread awarded Free Barrier Sprays to three lucky winners, then big farewell to all, with promises to appear next week at the Home Builders’ Association Carolina Classic Home and Garden Show March 12, 13 and 14, 2010, at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds.  At that event, Dread will once again be offering Free Barrier Sprays to several lucky winners and looks forward to discussing how he and his Mosquito Squad team can help you control biting insects at home, at your business, or at your outdoor wedding or special event.