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Rain and what to expect from the Squad

Leaf in the Rain

So, it rained yet again and there is water everywhere. Perhaps the skies are dark and the weather says that we can expect rain any minute now. And while the world is dark and gloomy you get our notification that we are coming out to treat your property. You probably think we are crazy. “Don’t they know that it is raining or about to rain?” you may say to yourself. Here are some things we want you to keep in mind about the rain and what we do.

  1. We know that that our products are built to withstand the rain as long as it has enough time to dry. If we feel that we can treat with confidence, we will go ahead and do so.

  2. When we treat we are eliminating the current population as well as preventing a new population from moving in.

  3. Our Target areas are areas protected from most rain.

  4. Our Technicians take pride in their work. They know that with our guarantee in place, you can call us up for a complementary treatment should you need to at no cost to you.

  5. We pay our technicians and pay for the product and we don’t want to waste our time and money when we don’t have to. That’s just not good business.

  6. If we ever do come out and the rains do fall before the product dries, we are proactive and already looking to schedule a time to come back out.

Our main focus is satisfied customers. We want you happy with us so that you will keep coming back and refer us to your friends and neighbors. You hired us because we are the best in the business and we take that very seriously. We know what our products can do and stand behind our service 100%.

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