Have you seen a tick in your Massachusetts backyard this spring?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

April 10, 2017

Ticks are Out — Time to Call The Squad!

It may seem early for ticks to begin emerging from their winter’s nap, however, ticks have begun to make their seasonal appearance. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South has received numerous calls from residents finding ticks. With this year’s early warm-up and the projected increase in the tick population, we are starting our tick control treatments a little early this year. These are scheduled to begin April 10.

It’s important to remember that ticks do not die during the winter, they instead hibernate. With the unseasonably warm temperatures, many are coming out of hibernation early to feed and lay eggs. On top of our warmer-than-usual early spring climate, acorns were abundant this past fall, which has helped rodents reproduce in larger numbers than in previous years. More rodents mean more hosts for ticks and a greater chance of Lyme Disease.

Though Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne illness in Massachusetts, there are others, including Anaplasmosis, Borrelia Miyamotoi and the Powassan Virus. It is also possible to become infected with a comorbid tick-borne illness as well. This involves the presence of two illnesses infecting in unison. Lyme Disease alone affects about 5,000 Massachusetts residents each year. With the threat of illness, it is a good idea to start checking yourself and your pets for ticks.

Peak tick season generally begins in late March and lasts into the early fall. Ticks also flourish in wet and warm conditions. Residents can come into contact with ticks during early spring when carrying out exterior spring cleaning and landscape improvements. These tasks can include mulch application, gardening and seasonal landscape maintenance. 

We are now taking appointments for Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South’s Intensive Tick Treatment. In addition to using this professional treatment, you can take practical steps yourself to reduce your chances of coming into contact with a tick. These involve cleaning out, clearing out and being proactive about checking for areas in your landscape where ticks may like to hide. You can learn more by visiting our 6 C’s of tick proofing your yard page located on our website.

Our effective proactive approach to controlling ticks will help keep you, your family and your pets protected. Call Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South today at (781) 471-5793 or email us using the contact form.