Cohasset Mosquito Control: Mosquito FAQs

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 19, 2023

Inquiring minds want to know! What makes mosquitoes so interesting? Here are a few common questions and answers we receive about mosquitoes and concerning Cohasset mosquito control.

Searching the Internet, you can find hundreds of mosquito questions. We have written about how mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on Earth. We have talked about myths, legends, and mosquito lore. There are many interesting facts about these tiny blood-suckers. The more we understand about mosquitoes, the better we can defend ourselves against them with effective Cohasset mosquito control measures. Why is it important to mount a defense? Refer to the second sentence in this paragraph! Do you see your mosquito question below?

Do mosquitoes freeze to death?

This is one of the most common questions about mosquitoes. Do they, or can they freeze to death in winter? As we all know, our winters are getting warmer. As if that were not bad enough, mosquitoes have adapted to cold weather. They begin to go dormant in temperatures that consistently stay 45°F or below, but they do not always die in extremely cold temps. Female mosquitoes will mate at the end of the warm season and choose to delay their reproductive blood meal through the winter. They will burrow beneath the snowy ground and emerge for that blood meal when the weather warms up. As you might know, a blood meal is necessary for her eggs to become fertilized.

What are mosquitoes attracted to?

What makes us attractive to mosquitoes? Is it our clothing? Yes. Is it our blood type? Yes. Is it what we eat? Yes. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing. If you attend outdoor summer parties, wear light colors. If you have blood type O, you are genetically more attractive to mosquitoes. At that same outdoor party, where you are wearing light-colored clothing, you might want to avoid eating avocados and salty foods or drinking beer. Those foods make our bodies produce more carbon dioxide the thing that makes us attractive to mosquitoes. Want to stave off mosquitoes at an outdoor barbecue? Try eating garlic or onions!

What makes a mosquito bite itch?

When a female mosquito feasts on your blood, she injects your skin with her own saliva. When she does this, our immune system responds, and the itch and hive are a result of that response. Try not to scratch! Mosquito bites can become infected from scratching. To help ease the itch, you might try applying an ice cube for relief. You can also apply topical antihistamine cream or ointment, or even take a dose of an oral antihistamine to keep the itch controlled.

Are female mosquitoes larger than males?

Yes, females are larger than males. There are many a mosquito question pertaining to the differences in males and females. There are more than a few other differences in male and female mosquitoes. Only females bite humans and animals. Since the female is responsible for obtaining a blood meal to fertilize her eggs after mating, she can be a very aggressive pursuer! Have you ever had a mosquito buzzing around you so fast and furious that you can't swat it away? That is a ravenous, bloodthirsty female mosquito! You need some personal mosquito repellent, stat!

The most important mosquito question. What is the most effective Cohasset mosquito control?

Protect your home and family from the threat of mosquito bites with professional Cohasset Mass mosquito control from Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South. We have an effective mosquito control solution for any yard! Consider giving the gift of professional mosquito control to your loved ones this year – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, birthday – literally any gift-fiving occasion. Mosquito protection is the gift that will continue to give from springtime through fall. Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South provides EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection as well as an natural mosquito control option. Every two to three weeks, our barrier mosquito control treatment will be applied to your yard (and your recipient’s yard). Between sprays, a time-released formula will continue to repel or kill mosquitoes. What’s more, when it’s time to re-apply, our highly-trained mosquito control technicians will show up automatically. When you or your family member are on our schedule, the sprays will happen in perpetual rotation all the way through fall!

Begin your Cohasset mosquito control regimen now with Mosquito Squad of Boston Metro South –guaranteed protection since 2005! Call us today at (781) 471-5793.