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Is the New Tick Disease, Heartland Virus in NJ?

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We now live in an era that is dominated by disease-related news, and for good reason. Changing climate conditions have shifted the traditional checks and balances that are critically important for regulating disease-carrying organisms. Although most common diseases in the U.S. result from genetics or our lifestyles, vector-borne diseases are different. This kind of disease results from being bitten or otherwise invaded by an organism that carries some form of pathogen. Ticks are one of the most common disease vectors in the United States due to their feeding behavior and secretive nature. Unlike mosquitoes, which typically can’t survive longer than a few days to a few months, ticks can endure for around 3 years in the wild. Such a long life means that a tick is likely to feed on the blood of many different animals over the years, making the likelihood that it will pick up a pathogen very high.

Disease spread reinforces tick control importance

Deer, mice, and birds are known to carry bacteria that cause various diseases, and these animals are the main blood source for ticks. Lyme disease is the most common of these diseases, but researchers are paying close attention to other tick-borne diseases that are spreading across the country. Some, like Lyme disease, are being studied extensively, and there are others that we know very little about. The Heartland virus is one of these. First detected in 2009, the disease is carried by lone star ticks, which can be found throughout the southern United States, as well as in the southern half of New Jersey. A warming climate has allowed lone star ticks to expand their traditional range, so movement further northward is a real possibility. In the few years we’ve had to study the Heartland virus, research indicates the virus is evolving rapidly in certain regions. To date, the virus is quite rare, but our changing climate could make the disease more common in the coming years. Take the necessary steps to defend against ticks with Mosquito Squad’s help.

Your source for tick control in Bergen and Passaic County

Although we know very little about the Heartland virus, the disease is has led to deaths in people with underlying medical conditions, especially the elderly. This disease is just one of many tick-borne diseases that are increasingly common. To ensure your health and outdoor living experience are protected, tick control is essential. At Mosquito Squad, we’ve made tick control one of our specialties. We were founded nearly 20 years ago, and in that time we have established ourselves as one of New Jersey’s premier tick control experts. With the help of our barrier protection mist, you are guaranteed to see a dramatic reduction in the tick population on your property. Applied around your property and on tick habitats, our mist is a proven method of tick control.

The Heartland virus isn’t in N.J. yet, but it is likely a matter of time before the disease is found here. Mosquito Squad of Bergen and Passaic County has the tick control capabilities for this eventuality. Give us a call at (609) 735-6057.

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