Mosquito Fish

Posted by Mosquito Squad

October 3, 2018

Using small insectivorous fish is becoming a popular way to get rid of mosquito larvae and prevent infestations. However, use of the mosquitofish, also called the Gambusia affinis, may not be the magic bullet that people believe it to be.

If you are considering using mosquito fish to control mosquito populations on your property, it’s important to first contact the DNR to find out if this particular fish is restricted in your area.

Because the mosquito fish is such an aggressive specie, it can severely reduce or eliminate native species of amphibians, fish, and aquatic insects. In some cases, introducing mosquito fish can actually worsen a mosquito problem because they out compete other natural mosquito predators.  

The best thing to use is native fish found in your local area that are somewhat hardy and will reproduce.

An affordable and natural solution in reducing mosquito reproduction is to stock minnows in your pond. Fathead Minnows feed on mosquito larvae making them great candidates for mosquito control.