Record year for Mosquitoes?

Posted by Mosquito Squad

March 27, 2012

Somebody pinch me –  last week we hit 80* – I mean come on, this is Wisconsin!   The temps, although slightly lower this week, are still higher than the average temps.  The weatherman are saying this “heatwave”  may continue into the summer.

As many have seen, with the warm weather comes the bugs – that’s  right,  this means insect eggs are hatching much earlier than usual, and they are looking for their next meal.

I came across an article and UW-Madison bug expert Phil Pellitteri says “it’s impossible to know whether this will be a “record” year for early bugs, but there’s no question, our unseasonably warm temps have activated creatures we usually don’t see for weeks.”

“If it continues to stay this warm, this will allow some insects to go through additional generations, so we could pay for it by the end of summer” said Pellitteri.

So what does that mean, it means the bugs have a green light and are getting a head start on the season.  In less than a month, a new generation of mosquitoes can go from an egg to a full-fledged adult that lives on to frustrate our leisure outdoor time. The early warm temperatures means the mosquitoes have a jump on the breeding cycle and that more mosquitoes out there laying additional eggs.  This could potentially lead to a huge increase in the number mosquitoes we see this summer.

At Mosquito Squad, we work to stop existing eggs from growing into adults.  This helps to stop those would be mosquitoes from becoming adults and laying more eggs.  Our traditional fogging takes care of the rest and helps protect your family from mosquitoes and ticks for 21 days.   Let us help you enjoy your time outside this summer.