Zika News Source: Stay Informed

Posted by Mosquito Squad

December 20, 2023

As Zika virus continues to be a concern impacting the United States, Mosquito Squad is making it a priority to share news and tips on how to avoid mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

Mosquito Squad is committed to your safety and protection from mosquito borne diseases. We offer a solution to eliminate and reduce populations through our trademark Mosquito Squad Barrier Treatment. In addition to our services, we also strive to forward information on topics relative to our area as they develop. Zika, in particular, becomes more of an issue and continues to rise each year. While this disease is dangerous, being misinformed can threaten your safety as well. To help understand and be aware of new developments, Mosquito Squad has launched ZikaNewsSource.com.

So, check out the new site. Keep yourself informed. And continue to survey and maintain your yard by eliminating any standing water. Be sure to call Mosquito Squad in Waukesha County and keep your home, family, and pets protected with seasonal barrier treatments. Our applications are extremely effective in eliminating mosquitoes and keeping them away. We can develop a package best designed to suit your needs.

Give our team of professionals a call today for an immediate quote and get your home protected this season!

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