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Snow Mosquitoes… … …Really?

Bet you thought the cold weather would save you from annoying bites – well I hate to burst your snowy bubble but there is a mosquito that lives during the winter months. Shudder to think it but it is true! The little critter is appropriately called a Snow Mosquito – or for my “Bill Nye The Science Guy” fans – the scientific name is Aedes Communis. (Now you can talk smart around the water cooler- or tweet it.)

Although limited to the northern areas of the US, this annoying pest stays active during the winter!  They tend to dwell in heavily wooded areas and lay their eggs in pools that form from melting snow.   Don’t be fooled, they are still on the prowl to stick it to some unsuspecting victim for their next blood meal.  AS most of us are indoors, they tend to feed on mammals and birds because that is what is left on the outdoor buffet.

Eggs they lay tend to hatch in the spring time – setting the tone for the season. Be glad you’re not a of them, because they eggs only hatch after experiencing several weeks of freezing temperatures.  Now you know to be on the look out for the snow mosquito!

This is just one more reason why we encourage a full season of treatments. Mosquitoes have been breeding on your property and your neighborhood for millions of years.  As a result, there are millions of eggs in and around your property just waiting for the right temperature and water level to hatch.  While our barrier treatment is very effective at eliminating adult mosquitoes that come in contact with it, and our insect growth regulator (IGR) is very effective at keeping the larval stage mosquitoes from becoming adults, neither of them will keep the eggs from hatching when conditions are right.  One or two applications will help for a short period, but the eggs will continue to hatch throughout the season.  If there is nothing on your property to eliminate them when they hatch, their breeding cycle will continue.

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